FPV with cinecam gimbal

Our heavy cinelifter takes a bmpcc 4k in the air, with a DJI Ronin gimbal mounted on top of the drone.

This technique combines the best of two worlds: FPV latency, control and reactivity with the framing capability of “regular” drone setups.

Showreel for our FPV cinelifters

FPV Cinelifter featuring a cinecam on a gimbal


This rig can be setup for both top mounted and underslung configurations. It’s like a DJI Inspire 2 on speed, while having very precise and more real time control. This allows for unmatched proximity flying and fast paced close tracking of subjects, while maintaining all the framing capabilities of a classic drone, like the DJI Inspire 2, thanks to the gimbal.

As far as we know, we were the first company in Belgium to get this type of rig in the air: a high end cine cam, carried by a cinelifter featuring a three axes gimbal that can be controlled by a second operator.

The showreel on the left shows footage from cinecams on a fixed mount and from cinecams mounted on a gimbal.



Onetake fly-through of the new Durbuy Music studios.


We try to be the most innovative FPV drone company in Belgium.

As far as we know, we are the first in Belgium to successfully combine FPV with real time in-flight manual tilt control of the gopro by a second operator.


Our showreel, shot with Gopro rigs.


This is a stabilized shot with our cinelifter with a DSRL camera on top. No color grading was applied to this footage. As you can see, the shot is buttery smooth. Our quads are tuned in house and this allows for the direct use of the unstabilized footage in your edit as well.


Here you see how our bmpcc 4k cam performs, mounted on one of our cinelifters.


A little story about how we rolled into the FPV scene. Our love for FPV comes from flying freestyle. Performing crazy tricks in the air is what kept us going as a past time.

In the era this was made, we were not thinking about looking cinematic. Our only goals was to enjoy the fun of flying FPV. At some point we realized this hobby could be more than just fun. In fact FPV provides a new type of camera platform. So we decided to use our crazy freestyle pilot skills to make epic cinematic content.


We admit it, we also film backwards whilst flying forward with our cheater quads.



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