Belgian based FPV drone videography powerhouse

FPV drones offer an innovative, unique camera perspective that is not achievable with any other camera platform. 

High speed, FPV combined with dual operator gimbal control on 3 axis, extreme precision,  proximity flying and acrobatic maneuvers: anything is possible.





Action Sports

DSLR cam + gimbal



Wondering if FPV aerial shots can take your production to a higher level?
It’s a challenge we love to take on!


Drone-o-batics’ team of experienced FPV pilots and drone technicians are ready to listen to what you envision, and come up with a customized solution.


FPV drones big or small, we have it all!

We fly with drones carrying super light naked go pro’s, regular gopros or high end cinema cameras. The latter can be mounted on a drone gimbal.

For almost any situation, we have the appropriate drones ready in our fleet: cinelifters to lift DSLR cameras, FPV technology combined with 3-axis gimbal dual operator setups, high speed chase drones for use in harsh wind conditions, or super light drones to ensure safety around non-involved people.

We can also build special purpose drones to meet client’s aerial camera platform requirements. 

Safe Around People FPV Cinelifter drone
team FPV drone piloot


Drone-o-batics originated from the passion of flying freestyle tricks with FPV drones. After a few years of flying freestyle FPV, we decided we would like to use our advanced drone flying skills for creating FPV aerial cinematography.

We are two: Ruben (left) and Ruben (right). Both skilled pilots and experienced rig builders.


We like to innovate and create whatever aerial solution you might require!

We strive to always be on the edge of what the newest state-of-the-art technology has to offer.

 We don’t mind to develop the tech ourselves if it would not exist already.

We developed our own landing gear for DJI gimbals before it was available on the market. Other fun projects include for example drones that needed a payload release mechanism.




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